Thermory Modified Wood

Thermory offers the best of real wood. Products that are beautiful, durable, functional and environmentally sound. The special touch of Thermory’s thermal modification greatly improves the properties of real wood, making Thermory an excellent choice.

Thermory Decking

THERMORY® decking is available in several dimensions and profiles and can be installed using several visible and invisible...

Thermory Cladding

THERMORY® Collection offers cladding for exterior use and paneling for interior use. Many elegant profiles and a variety of...

Thermory Flooring

THERMORY® solid flooring products are sold unfinished, giving each customer the opportunity to choose between various oils and...

Thermory Structural Timber

Bigger sizes are available - ideal for manufacturing exterior ballustrades, pergolas or furniture.

Cladding Fasteners

THERMORY® CLAD is a fastening solution for the PaC-System® cladding. Gap between the boards is 5 mm. Clad batten length: 2,0...

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