Thermory Decking

THERMORY® decking is available in several dimensions and profiles and can be installed using several visible and invisible...

Thermory Flooring

THERMORY® solid flooring products are sold unfinished, giving each customer the opportunity to choose between various oils and...

Thermory Structural Timber

Bigger sizes are available - ideal for manufacturing exterior ballustrades, pergolas or furniture.

Cladding Fasteners

THERMORY® CLAD is a fastening solution for the PaC-System® cladding. Gap between the boards is 5 mm. Clad batten length: 2,0...

EasyClip hidden deck fasteners

EasyClip is the future of wooden decking, with its patented design allowing for a smooth, screw-free deck surface. Priced...

EasyClip T10 Torx tool bit

Torx fastening bit for the EasyClip  hidden deck fastening system

Saligna Scaffold 228 X 50mm

Industrial grade Saligna 228 X 50mm ideal for Scaffolding

Thermory Cladding

THERMORY® Collection offers cladding for exterior use and paneling for interior use. Many elegant profiles and a variety of...